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Create Your Free QR Code - Flowcode
Flowcode is the #1 QR code maker. Logo, color and design, backed with privacy and data, all included for free. Download high quality print files today.
Ridiculously custom QR codes with statistics.


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Add a 'HTML' block at the start of the first column:

<div class="row">
    <div class="col-1">

Replace col-1 with a layout.
col-2 col-3 col-4
col-10-percent col-20-percent col-30-percent col-40-percent col-60-percent col-70-percent col-80-percent col-90-percent

After the first column, add another 'HTML' block:

    <div class="col-1">

Replace col-1 with a layout for the new column.

Repeat for each new column.

After all the last column, add one last 'HTML' block:


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