Name: Squeaklings

Gender: Varies

Title: The Pests

Occupation: They are the annoyance, the pest, they chew through anything and ruin sections of the tower

Personality: Each squeaking is different but they stick together in groups and prioritise themselves over anything else. They like dark spaces and small holes.

Description: They are little wind-up mice looking, creatures. They have glowing red beady eyes with a wind-up key on their back. Their tail is made up of small individual pieces.

Their Story

These little wind-up mice have lived in the clock tower for so long that have overrun the place. It’s in their nature to chew through important things like gears and wires.

Usually, when creatures come to the tower the mice end up getting forced into hiding, but when a surprisingly small creature dressed in all black that had a three-point hat came to stay, the creature actually got along with the mice and asked for their help instead of forcing them out.

This new creature intrigued the few Squeaklings that were left roaming the tower. A small group of 5 of them kept a watchful eye on the creature for days on end, each day getting more and more curious until one had enough courage to roll by the creatures feet expecting to be hit. To its surprise, the creature didn’t even blink an eye as it want the mouse to roll away.

From that day on the Squeaklings continued with the normal lives around this creature and anyone that joined it. Knowing that their home was still safe for them to do what they love.