Name: Spindle

Gender: Non-Specified

Title: The Dungeon Keeper

Occupation:  They reside in the bottom of the clock tower and keep the furnaces in check

Personality: They have a snarky, cheeky and adventurous personalities. They are extremely sarcastic and not scared of anything and they charge into any situation without outthinking

Description:  They are a spider looking creature with wings that have massive gears out of their back. Their Legs are thin long which helps them climb and get around the basement.

Their Story

Spindle used to be a lonely spider, wandering throughout places being chased away because of the thing they are. Until one day their wandering stopped when they ran into an abandoned town with a huge clock tower standing proud in the centre.

As they walked around the base of the clock tower admiring its beauty, they fell into a hole. A crack in the ground, forcing them to tumble down in the deaths of the tower.  When the poor thing stopped tumbling they took a moment to adjust to the darkest of what looked like the basement of the tower.

A small amount of light was pouring in from cracks in the above floors, they could see outlines of what looked like furnaces covered in a thin layer of dust, mould and their favourite small spiderwebs. There was a door leading out but it was blocked off from timber that had gotten weak and fallen in front of it.

Then and there the love they already felt for the clocktower made them want to make this small, dark and damp place their home, and help turn the old and useless into something that would produce enough light, heat and power for the rest of the clock tower no matter who or what resides here.

Once they started something they didn’t stop. They began fixing the door moving any fallen and damaged debris, cleaning any and all dust off the furnaces and pipes and then began the hard task of fixing it back into its original state.