Name: Krit

Gender: Male

Title: The Forlorn

Occupation: He helps Jester out with fixing the clock and maintaining everything

Personality: He is more reserved than most of the creatures in the tower. He is very quiet and sticks to himself most of the time. He enjoys the solitude of his little space in the clock tower surrounded by gears and machines.

Description: He is a worm caterpillar looking character he has big eyes that are wearing glasses. He had a big red nose and he was made up of fans and exhaust pipes. He has long arms that he uses to get into tight spaces to fix things.

Their Story

Krit has always been outcasted by anyone he meets just due to his reserved personality, he hates conversations and avoids them at all cost, which creates a tense atmosphere whenever he is around.

Krit lived in a town that was very populated due to being close to the ocean and one of the best scenic places and he absolutely hated it, so he left and left want little life he had behind.

He had heard about a village that was abandoned years ago and left to waste away. So he decided to head there and live alone by himself away from everyone. Once he got there he saw the huge clock tower in the middle of it and headed there only to find there were already some creatures living there, however they welcomed him in and offered him a place to stay, so he did he didn’t mind being around some creatures just not a lot.

He found himself falling in love with a small storage room close to the top of the tower, where a lot of the others didn’t want to go, he was left to himself and not judged for it. But he found himself talking to the rest of the creatures more the longer he stayed there, he was slowly but surely coming out of his little shell.