Zac and Life

This is one of the first experiences I had with animation, way back in 2009.

It was originally created in a program called Claymation, but the original source images were imported into Krita to be exported quickly on a modern machine without needing to find the disc for the original software.

I'd love to blame YouTube compression for the image quality (probably made the file larger anyway), however, the entire clip was shot on a basic webcam at my Primary School, at a resolution of 320x240. YouTube has blurred the image though.

Time was a huge constraint, as I only had the hour and a half in class to complete everything. The first image is time-stamped 11:53 am, and the last is 12:10 pm.

I remember that I missed most of the first class with Claymation, and we only had a single other one after that. While the rest of the class had moved on to another task, and I convinced the teacher to let me work on Claymation again. Thankfully I did, as this is the only surviving animation from back then.

A notable issue: the lighting is very inconsistent. This wasn't fully under my control, as this was all filmed at a desk in the computer lab during class, and the timed 'power-saving' lights had only just been installed. This is an issue that I attempted to address as I became used to Stop-Motion.

There are 109 images in this animation, and all together, including the new mp4 file, they are under 1mb of data. The new Krita file is 16mb.