The Clocktower

Surrounded by an abandoned village, outcasted by the rest of the world, a lonely clock tower resides. It stands tall looking over the village slowly but surely rotting away to be forgotten.

Never to chime again.

On a day when weather was harsh, rain was pouring, wind was rushing, at the strike of midnight, a sound was heard from within the tower. A small light flickered behind the clockfaces within the forgotten tower. Something that was thought to be broken had come to life.

A chime.

A chime was heard it rang out through the tower into the eeriness of the surrounding village breaking the eternal silence.

Soon, this clocktower sprang to life. The hands began moving, tracking the time day and night. The chime that was heard that night were frequent and more active like this tower was no longer abandoned. Someone, or something, fixed what was broken, bringing life to the tower once again.

The thing behind the rejuvenation was never seen by passersby. But bit by bit the clock tower brought back life to the abandoned village and slowly began to be repaired. First was the chime, followed by the movement of the clock hands the missing boards were patched and cobwebs disappeared like some sort of magic had come over the town.

All that could be seen were soft flickering lights all around the inside of the clock tower, proving to the outside world that someone or something was fixing the once forgotten.