Name: Rascal

Gender: Male

Title: The Creation

Occupation: Protector of the Clocktower

Personality: He has a helpful and bright personality however since he is half computer sometimes he can not read emotion correctly and can get lost in it. Conversations easily

Description: Rascal is a bright orange cyborg cat. Created by the leftover parts around the tower and with the love of each creature in the tower brought this creature to life. He has a panel covering some of his body and has one mechanical ear.

His Story

Rascal began as pieces that were thrown out broken and left behind across the levels of the clock tower. Until the day that the creatures who were living in the tower needed help to save themselves and the clock tower from an ever-growing evil so they came together with pieces of scrap that were scattered across the tower and created a life.

Using newer technology they found in the abandoned village and days of work Rascal came to life with a consciousness of its very own. When Rascal's life began he understood nothing until he spent time with each creature in the tower and gained knowledge of this world and how to help the creatures save the tower.

Since Rascal was half cyborg he had a few problems with memories and emotion however that didn’t stop him from enjoying his time helping out around the tower, fixing things, cleaning messes and most important stopping the evil that had risen and started to take control.