Name: Quincy

Gender: Female

Title: The Gatekeeper

Occupation: She holds the keys, and cares for the doors in and around the clocktower.

Personality: She is funny and outgoing. She has an obsession with keys hence why she is the gatekeeper. She is very adventurous and like exploring every part of the tower and the village

Description: She dresses completely in black with a two-pointed hat that has bells hanging from each point, she has a round face with a key stuck to her face just under her left eye. Her arms are like keys and they dangle from her shoulders like a key on a key ring. Imbedded into the backs of her hand are lock shapes. She also wears several sashes that she hangs lots of keys on. She has a collar around her neck that holds one small gold key which is her favourite one.

Where that small key leads to? No one knows.

Her Story

Quincy’s life was full of adventure ever since she was little. She traded her normal life for one that was on the road, she went to many places collecting heaps of keys and locks on her adventures. She met the most amazing people experienced the most amazing things.

She thought she had seen it all until one day she was walking through a forest on her way to the next town, people had warned her not to go to this area but something inside her to tell her she would find the thing she was looking for.

So she went on her way through the rocky, forest until she saw this town. She thought it was so beautiful. In the middle, a huge clock tower stood proud and almost glowing from the sunset behind it. She saw several creatures standing on the outside fixing the lock in the door trying to find the right key for it. She saw a small golden key away from the rest and knew that was the one this collection of creatures needed so she ran up to them and help fix their problem.

This group of weird creatures welcomed her with open arms and then and there she decided that this was the place she was going to stay.