Name: Pop

Gender: Male

Title: The Puppeteer

Occupation: He is the evil of the Clocktower he resides in one of the abandoned houses in the village and creates havoc within the tower

Personality:  He has a split personality. He was originally nice and caring however he was left alone and turned into an evil, mean and dark creature

Description: Pop is a combination of a clown, a puppeteer and gears. His head has been shaped with horns he has a singular button eye. He has a clown mouth with sharp pointed teeth. He is also covered in bandages that he uses to control people. His face has turned red over time but he used to a range of different coloured greys.

His Story

Pops story starts at the circus he was the main attraction with the manipulation of his puppets and bandages. He had his own tent and own section of the show just for himself and his marionettes. He loved what he did and was amazing at drawing crowds from all over.

It was a dark and gloomy day, the day of the circus's final show in the area they were in.  An uproar started between the head organiser and one of the jester creatures who was the main caretaker and repairer of anything, it was a big argument and ended in the small black jester character getting kicked out. Pop didn’t think much about it until it was showtime. When it was his time to shine, the last act, the curtains were about to lift, then Pops world came crashing down, literally. Something went wrong with the mechanisms of his show and it set fire to the tent and the surroundings, causing crowds of chaos and destruction.

When Pops world came crashing down he was forced to run, and on instinct, he blamed that little Jester creature for ruining his life and causing the circus to fall into ruins. So Pop and his controllable marionettes went after the little Jester to get revenge for ruining his life.

Pop followed Jester to an abandoned village that had a giant clock tower in the middle of it. Deciding to keep an eye on the small creature pop stayed in one of the bigger abandoned houses that were just out of the town and overrun it with his now evil marionettes planning his revenge against Jester.