The caretaker and the leader of the tower

Name: Jester

Gender: Male

Occupation: Caretaker; Clocktower mechanic. The leader of all the creatures that reside within the Clocktower.

Title: The Caretaker

Personality: Jester is a creature who tends to keep to himself most of the time, but is outgoing and friendly with those he knows well. As the leader of the group, he is respected for his strong opinions and effective problem-solving skills. He is confident in his ability to come up with the best solutions and is not afraid to take charge in difficult situations. Despite his reserved demeanor, Jester is a respected and admired figure among those who know him.

Description: The creature is dressed in black canvas and has long, thin arms. His appearance is similar to that of a traditional jester, with three small bells attached to the tips of his hat that jingle as he walks. His hands are small and resemble clock hands, which are useful for fixing things.

His Story

Kicked out of his original home, the circus. Jester was set out for a path of misery. Alone. Wandering through towns lost in a world where he doesn’t belong.

One night when the weather was harsh, he needed to find a place for shelter. He wandered through a forest getting blown around by the wind until he broke through a clearing to find an abandoned village. Standing In the middle of the village, tall and proud was a clock tower, abandoned like the rest of the town and left to rot.

Inspiration struck The lonely Jester as he crept through the village closer to the tower. This was where he wanted to stay, he was going to bring life back to this town and start with the tower. He was going to create a town for himself where he would not be judged.

He got closer to the tower and the door was already broken open off its hinges. Jester climbed through a small hole the broken door had made. And started at the inside in awe, the inside was beautiful and needed to be brought to life again, he made his way to the top of the tower where the broken clock gear lay dormant. He lit a small candle he found on the way and place it up on the wall to illuminate the broken gears, he began to tinker away fixing the broken gears, putting the tower back together again.

Every day and every night it was Jester’s goal to tinker away at the broken clock slowly restoring the old and rusty to be beautiful again.