Name: Jackie

Gender: Female

Occupation: She resides in the topmost point of the clock where everything goes for storage, her main role is to look after it.

Title: The Shy One

Personality: Her nature is to be sweet and caring to everyone. However due to being locked in the attic most of the time she has developed a sort of shyness to her personality. She often hides away in the boxes or uses her box to hide away and not come out for long periods of times

Description: Jackie is a jack in the box made from an abandoned child’s number block. She has a sweet face with a big red nose she is in contact with her box via a bouncy spring. She wears a long thing tapered hat which has a bell on the tip of it.

Her Story

Locked away in the attic of the clock tower, left to rot as the village is left abandoned, Jackie collecting dust and cobwebs sleeps peacefully inside her box waiting for someone to come back to her beloved tower, which was once the bustling centre of the town.

One day changed everything for Jackie. She got shaken awake by a strange figure, adjusting to the light shining through the little window in the attic. Shaking off the dust that collected on her spring as she bounces back to a life she realises she is no longer alone.

Standing in front of her stood something that looked liked a clown from a circus. It had a three-pointed hat that had bells dangling off each tip just like her own pointed hat.

Confused about the situation Jackie shyness took over, panicked she began to hide back away in her box. Until the stranger stop her and introduced himself and explained why he was there. The two began talking and quickly became friends.

They began working together to put their beloved clock tower back together again.